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Bi-Folkal Kits Begin with Remembering: Remembering is the first word of every kit title, and it's the first focus of every item we produce. Reminiscence programs can meet many needs: the need of the family to know and embrace its history; the need of older adults to put their lives in perspective; and the need of the community to understand and honor the accomplishments of earlier generations.

Bi-Folkal Kits are Multi-Sensory:All five senses trigger memories and transmit information. In any group program, the more senses you involve, the more people you involve. And the more you involve them.

African American Lives

We created this Bi-Folkal program kit to prompt memories and discussion. This complete program package is stuffed with everything you need to do a program-or a whole series of programs-with almost any group in your community. Each kit piece has been chosen to highlight the contributions of African Americans so that these accomplishments will be honored by people of all ages and cultures.

AA105 $300


They stay with us forever, the cars of our youth. Who can't name their family's first car? Who can ever forget the car in which he or she learned to drive - its color, its bulk, its very odor? Rev up for a fast-paced discussion of cross-country trips in other decades, first cars, favorite cars, perhaps even a fender-bender. Help each person write an auto-biography! Talk about women drivers and teen-age drivers and mature drivers. You oughta have an auto program with your group!

AU105 $300


Another birthday? Celebrate! Each candle represents a year, with all of the work and play, sadness and joy, laughter and tears that it took to live it. Each birthday offers an opportunity to reflect on those years, and to make plans for the candle to come. So, many happy returns! This kit offers a wide variety of ideas for discussion, celebration, and fun. Use this kit with intergenerational groups and families to promote understanding of what aging is all about. Help stamp out those tired old over-the-hill jokes!

BD105 $300

County Fairs

There was a time in a more rural America when the fair offered the opportunity for days off from work to show off a year's work raising animals, sewing, crafting, preserving, baking. A time to learn about new things, to play games, to see friends and neighbors. Recapture that time. Consider working on a project for next year's fair. Plan a field trip. With this kit, everyone can go to the fair!

CF103 $300

The Depression

The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War II. The timing of the Great Depression varied across nations, but in most countries it started in about 1929 and lasted until the late 1930s or early 1940s. It was the longest, most widespread, and deepest depression of the 20th century, and is used in the 21st century as an example of how far the world's economy can decline. The depression originated in the United States, starting with the stock market crash of October 29, 1929 (known as Black Tuesday), but quickly spread to almost every country in the world.

DP103 $300


So begins an irresistible invitation to remember autumns past; the sights and sounds and smells, the textures, and the taste treats. The first part of the media is an entertaining nine-minute monologue. After this narrator tells his story, your group members will want to tell theirs. Who can help but notice how getting ready for winter has changed over the years? It's a cool and refreshing program topic for a hot summer afternoon

The addition of the images from our Slideas 20-slide set titled "Fall Color" will add flexibility to your programming with this kit.

FA105 $300

Farm Days

It has been said that nothing in the American scene has changed so much in the last half-century as country life. This kit offers the opportunity to explore the sights, sounds, aromas, sweat, tears, work and laughter that have gone into the farms where today's adults were children. This kit is for those who remember another pace of life, and for those who wish they did.

FD105 $300


This is a topic of perpetual interest, because fashion is, after all, an endless replay. What is in fashion now has been in before and will be out and then in again. Each generation chooses its own fashions and rejects another's. Hair, swimwear, shoes, and that one unforgettable outfit are all great topics for women and men to remember and talk about.

FS105 $300

The Fifties

The decade that brought us babies and the Korean War and TV dinners and babies and civil rights and Tupperware and babies and Joe McCarthy and McDonald’s and babies and Scrabble and Elvis and teen-agers…(and babies). We were rockin’ and rollin’ at Bi-Folkal as we put together these pictures, music, news events and family stories to bring back memories of the fifties for everyone who was there and to help explain the Ike Age to those who weren't.

FI105 $300

Fun and Games

Remembering Fun and Games. The games of life. Any number can play. Everyone can win. All you have to do is join in. You have to be willing to forget all your cares and troubles for awhile and let the most important thing be the game itself. Board games. Cards. Recess. Backyard fun. Remember?

FG105 $300


This kit can take people to the "places where they like to be"- in their memories, in their dreams, in their imaginations. Once there, the goal is to discover what there is about our dream homes that may be transferred to the places where we are now. What is at the "heart of home" for each of us? A favorite item, photograph, texture, sound, scent, or taste may come from the past to to make someone feel more at home in the present. We all need a place where we feel comfortable, where we feel "at home." We hope that this kit will help your group members to find those places for themselves-and to find those feelings in the places where they are.

HM105 $300

Home Front

At least two generations of Americans now living have been directly affected by World War II: the veterans of the war and the home front and their baby boom children. Now is the time to share and compare experiences, insights, and attitudes about that war, and war in general.

HF105 $300


Music. The universal language. It can say for us what we can't say for ourselves. Without saying a word, music can remind us of the occasions of our lives, the events, the celebrations, the transitions. George Sand wrote, "It is extraordinary how music sends one back into memories of the past." It is extraordinary.

MU105 $300


Here are the sights and sounds, the moods and music of the twenties. For those too young to remember, they offer the feel of the times. For those old enough to remember, they bring back memories of everyday life. Whatever your age, you wont want to miss this kit about the Jazz Age, the Era of Wonderful Nonsense. Its the bees knees!

TF103 $300


Here is a warm and fuzzy reminder of the animals who have found a place in our homes and hearts. But even those who don't love animals usually have stories about why they don't. Dog and cat owners like to debate the relative merits of their pets. Music, skits, pictures, and readings are all designed to prompt lively conversation.

PT105 $300

School Days

The best way today's children can find out what life used to be like is from yesterday's children.

SD105 $300

The Sixties

Many people who grew up in that decade are still trying to make sense of it. It was full of breathtaking highs and heartbreaking lows. The country was sharply divided by the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War; the younger generation, many untouched by the hardships of the Depression and World War II, clashed with the establishment. A counterculture with new music and mores emerged. Share this kit with mixed aged groups. You can ask what it was like to be a kid, a college student, a Vietnam Vet, a civil rights worker, a black person in the South, a draft dodger, a hippie, a small town business owner or a big city banker in those days.

SX105 $300


Every year, just when we've had enough winter, spring arrives. The season officially begins on a day in March when the night and day are of equal length. Then according to old songs and legends, wonderful things happen very suddenly. The birds appear in the northern regions, the flowers burst into view, and young men and young women fall in love automatically. That's according to old songs and legends. You'll have to check with the people in your groups to find out the truth.

SP105 $300


Conjure up home remedies for common summer ailments such as sunburn, poison ivy, bee stings and insect bites. Trace summer vacation routes on a map. Get some lemons and make real old-fashioned lemonade. And sneak in some sparklers.

ST105 $300

Train Rides

Not too long ago trains crisscrossed this country, whizzing passengers to their destinations. Now one songwriter worries about the day his young son will ask him, "Daddy, what's a train?" "Ideal for intergenerational study of train rides themselves or the myriad topics that, like trunk lines, branch out from it." Donna Barkman, in Learning from the Past.

TR103 $300

Work Life

Most of us have spent most of our lives working. Use this kit to gather the stories of paid jobs and work done at home or on the farm. Individually our work experiences are an important part of each of our lives. Taken together they provide a perspective on the work life of a nation.

WL105 $300